On Wednesday, November 15th, at approximately 11 AM the Heritages Dairy Store (419 N.
Delsea Dr. Clayton) was Robbed by a disguised women later identified
as Patrice L. Quackenbush who resides on the 200 block of Nassau Dr. in
Haddonfield. Miss Quackenbush demanded money by passing a note to the
cashier which stated that she was armed with a knife. An undisclosed amount of
money was turned over to Miss Quackenbush. Miss Quackenbush then fled the
           Clayton Police responded to the scene and with the assistance of Monroe Twp.
Police, Ptlm. Picillio and his K9 partner were able to track Miss Quackenbush to
the area of her boyfriend’s residence located on the 100 Block of Church Lane in
           It was later discovered that Miss Quackenbush had a Taxi waiting for her at the
home and that she had fled the scene prior to police arrival.
           Police located Miss Quackenbush later in the day when she returned to the home
from Camden. At which time it was discovered that Mrs. Quackenbush had an
active warrant for an unpaid traffic citation out of Deptford. She was arrested and
searched incident to arrest. Multiple bags of heroin, hypodermic needles, and
drug paraphernalia were found on her persons.
             Miss Quackenbush was taken to police HQ where she confessed to the robbery.
Miss Quackenbush relayed that her motivation for the robbery was to feed her
drug addiction. Clayton Detectives applied for a search warrant for her
residence. Much of the clothing that Miss Quackenbush was wearing to disguise
herself was located along with the note that had passed to the cashier.
          Additional drugs and paraphernalia were located inside of the residence.
Miss Quackenbush was charged with Possession of Heroin, possession of
hypodermic needles, possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to surrender
C.D.S., robbery, theft, and terroristic threats. Judge William Golden placed the
charges on a “no bail” warrant. Miss Quackenbush is currently lodged in Salem
County Jail awaiting a detention hearing.
​          The officers that assisted in this case were Sgt. Lauren Franklin, Ptlm. James
Mayo, Ptlm. Benjamin Masino, Det. Jackson Harrington and Det. Michael Foley.