Dear Editor,

             Over the past year with all the hoopla and stone throwing by our legislators and the overwhelming attacks on our President, not that he is so great, but the divisiveness and bias that is shown is annoying. For one year no matter what he does, or his wife or his family do, it is either racist or discriminatory. When does it stop? When do they get back to working for the benefit of you and I? Does racism still exist? Yes it does.  It will never totally disappear.                    However, does that justify whether you get a job or accepted into a college without qualifications? No; it should not.  When I was growing up we never heard of lawsuits about people who were called names because of their nationality or ethnic origin. We ignored the name calling and reached out to grab opportunity when it was presented.  We worked any job or place for the pay we received, and never did we we expect to get it free. We had two choices.                Either we could constantly fight or ignore the name calling.  We worked to achieve and get ahead. For you see, effort and skill in what you do never goes unnoticed nor does effort and work ethic. If you have the grades and desire to succeed, nothing will ever deter you from your end goal. If we sit back and wait for someone to knock on the door and say ‘Hey guy, here’s a great job. Come get it.’ Even with this, if you don’t stand up you don’t get it. 

           Another thing is that no one has done the math on immigration and I disagree with allowing 1.8 million being given citizenship, but if it resolves the problem I can live with it.  They are here and have been absorbed. What I disagree with is chain immigration. If you allow this. then 1.8 million  people will bring in two parents, now adding 3.6 million more people.  In a few years they bring in two people so now you have 7.2 million new people for a total of 12.4 million new people.
              We have job employment and social service problems now so why would you want to swell this problem by adding ten million more people? This must stop and what mostly is ignored is the fact that even though drugs and criminals are coming across the border the most disgusting problem is human trafficking. These individuals from children to young adult and above are sold into indentured slavery and prostitution and are never have a chance to live the American dream.
             Further more,  the issues of climate control are being denied by this administration as is the effect of airborne chemicals released with the leaders in Syria using chemical and biological weapons on their own people. I could go on and on and thank you for allowing me to let off some steam.
Respectfully, Dominick A. Ruggiero, Jr., Sewell, NJ