Glassboro School District Superintendent Declares Thursday as Corey Clement Day


        Glassboro Public School District Superintendent Mark J. Silverstein answered the hopes of the district’s proud football fans today (2/6) by declaring that the district would close on Thursday in honor of Corey Clement and the Philadelphia Eagles. In a message to staff and parents, Silverstein announced, “In honor of the historic Super Bowl LII victory by the Philadelphia Eagles and Glassboro’s own Corey Clement, who contributed immensely throughout the season and on multiple scoring drives in the Eagles’ win, the Glassboro School District hereby declares Thursday, February 8, 2018 as Corey Clement, Eagles’ Super Bowl Champion Day! Schools will be closed to enable the many fans of the Eagles, including teachers, counselors, coaches, administrators, bus drivers, community members, students, and the families of Glassboro, to celebrate this historic occasion. Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles, Corey Clement, his family, and the many in Glassboro who supported the team and Corey on their road to victory. Hard work always pays off. Enjoy the parade and be safe. This day will be made up on the calendar with the use of the in-service day originally scheduled for May 25.” Clement grew up in Glassboro, played football for Glassboro High School, and graduated from the school district in 2013. Needless to say, Clement and the Eagles have a huge fan base in Glassboro. Schools throughout the district paid tribute to the team at pep rallies on Friday, and many in Glassboro are looking forward to attending the parade.