County Preparing Roads for Snow
(Clayton, NJ)
– The Gloucester County Department of Public Works is busy today (1/5) brining emergency routes, overpasses and major county roadways today in anticipation of the forecasted one to two inches of snow expected to begin later tonight.
  “By the end of the day all of the county’s 410 miles of roadway will be brined. One to two inches of snow is not a lot for our region, but it can make for a messy rush hour. If it does snow, we ask that you let our Public Works crews do their job and take your time going to work or driving to school tomorrow,” Freeholder Director Robert Damminger said. “The county’s trucks are prepared and loaded with salt. We have 5,000 tons of salt on hand throughout the county and two brine tanks. The brining is very effective in this type of weather.” The Public Works Department generally will not plow roads until there is upward of two inches of snow on the ground. They may spread salt on overpasses and icy areas, and when necessary push slush off the roadways.