Overfunded school Districts – Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

As parents,taxpayers and citizens,it’s important for us to support full funding of our school districts. Senator Steve Sweeney has held a number of public forums to highlight his funding plan which is a completely fair and common sense plan. Sweeney correctly points out that hundreds of millions of dollars are currently being sent to districts that are overfunded, especially in areas like Jersey City and Hoboken (which are located in Hudson County).These are gentrified and wealthy urban areas that do not need to be granted state aid like they are struggling,because they are not.But the current system allows them to receive way more than their fair share.
Sweeney’s plan would deliver millions of dollars to the underfunded districts in our region that truly need it,but it is unfortunately being blocked by Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto who is from Hudson County and would apparently rather protect the status quo (and continue overfunding his county’s districts) than support reform which would fully and fairly fund every school district. It’s unfair and wrong. Residents throughout the state should call Vincent Prieto’s office and demand a vote on ACR-208-a rationale plan to fully fund schools.

Yours Truly,

Dan Reed, Deptford Township