Daytime Burglary Suspect Arrested
        Henry J. Smith III, age 26 year old male who resides in Clayton was arrested for Burglary, Theft, and Criminal Mischief on Tuesday September 26th at approximately 1PM.  Henry J. Smith allegedly forced entry into a residence on the 100 Block of West Chestnut St. The suspect entered the home through a basement window, and then forced open an interior door doing damage to both. Once inside the residence Mr. Smith stole numerous items from the victims’ home.
            A photograph of the suspect leaving the residence was obtained and placed on the Clayton Police Facebook Page. Citizens were asked to help identify the suspect.The entire police department wishes to thank all of the citizens who left tips for the police department in regards to this case. We have always enjoyed the support of our community and its nice knowing that there is 8,500 sets of eyes watching our backs and their fellow neighbors.
               Det. Michael Foley and Det. Jackson Harrington investigated the case and were able to obtain enough evidence for an arrest and to obtain a Search Warrant of the suspect’s residence.
Clayton Police executed the search warrant on 9/27/17 at approximately 1PM. Stolen property and other evidence from the crime were recovered from the suspect’s residence. Additional items were recovered that may link the suspect to other previous burglaries.
         The Clayton Police Department is requesting anyone who may have received items or property from Mr. Henry Smith to contact the Clayton Police Department so that we can identify if the items have been stolen. Anyone who knowingly is in possession of stolen items and fails to turn them over to police could be subject to criminal charges.
​               Henry J. Smith III,  was charged with 2C:18-2A(1) Burglary, 2C:20-3A Theft, and 2C17-3A(1) Criminal Mischief. Mr. Smith is currently lodged in Salem County Jail awaiting a detention hearing.