NEW BUS STOP ARM CAMERA’S – Franklin Twp School District

                  The Township of Franklin Public Schools is pleased to announce the installation of Bus Stop Arm Cameras on all of the district’s buses. The cameras are designed to increase the safety of all students using the bus. When the bus stop arm is deployed, sensors will automatically detect a vehicle illegally passing in either direction and capture a video of the violation that includes the vehicle’s license plate. The information collected will then be shared with the Franklin Township Police and pending police review, a citation would be issued to the driver. Under New Jersey Law, drivers approaching a school bus may not pass if the bus’s stop arm is extended or its red lights are flashing. Even if the red lights have only begun flashing and the stop arm is not yet extended, drivers are still required to stop until all children have finished loading and unloading, the school bus is back in motion, and it is safe to proceed.
              “Recklessly passing a stopped school bus puts children’s lives at risk. Our district is committed to the safety of our students,” said Superintendent Troy Walton of Franklin Twp. Public Schools.  The bus stop arm camera system is scheduled to be up and running for the start of the 2017- 2018 school year.